Today we are answering the all-important question: “How much does a kitchen renovation cost?”

We’ve done a lot of renovations over the years, none more common or important than the kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the heart of most homes, it is where people tend to spend most of their time and it is where so many memories are made. Because of these reasons, kitchens tend to be the most common and also the most impactful renovation to a home.

So, how much is a kitchen renovation going to cost?

We should start by saying that each kitchen renovation is unique and therefore the costs can range quite drastically. A full kitchen renovation would typically start at $35,000 and go up from there. This would not include appliances.

Let’s take a look at a recent kitchen renovation project that we completed to give you a better idea! The cost of this particular renovation was $50,000 so we would classify this as a “midrange” renovation. We did not include the cost of their new flooring in this as they decided to extend the flooring to the entire main floor. The cost of all new main level flooring was an additional $14,000.

This client was looking for a more modern, bright kitchen. The home was built in 2004 and the kitchen had not been touched since so it needed a complete upgrade. Here is a summary of the work we did:

  • Replaced a two level island with a one level, larger island
  • Removed the dropped ceiling feature above the island
  • Replaced dark granite counters with light and bright level 3 quartz counters
  • Replaced all cabinetry with new MDF cabinets which we extended all the way to the ceiling
  • Added new mid-range handles to cabinetry
  • Added a fresh coat of paint on all the walls
  • Replaced old and narrow hardwood with 5” wide engineered hardwood
  • Added under counter lighting
  • Replaced existing light fixtures with new LED ceiling lights
  • Added a wine fridge to the island
  • Upgraded the sink, faucet and added a garburator
  • Replaced the dark slate backsplash with a linear porcelain tile

Take a look at the before and after pictures below.

As we mentioned, each kitchen renovation is unique. Which is why we always start each project with one, if not several, no obligation consultations. Let’s chat today to see how we can help turn your current kitchen into the space of your dreams! Reach out using our form here or send us a quick email . We can’t wait to hear from you!